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Safety Consulting & Onsite Training

Interior Safety Network is a locally owned and insured independent safety consulting and training company operating out of Kamloops, BC.

We help businesses to better manage their safety, risks, reduce losses, and to provide a safe, as well as, secure workplace for their employees. Implementing safety programs, providing employee training, consulting services, designing and updating safety procedures and practices, which support the daily operations of our clients, is what we do best.

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Company Safety Consulting
Company Safety Consulting
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Onsite Safety Training
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Your Safety Partner And Consultant

Dario Dzinic, BA, GSC, NCSO, P.GSC, is an experienced safety consultant, instructor, and investigator.

Dario’s field and consulting expertise includes construction, the oil and gas industry, safety training, and workplace incident investigations. Additionally, he is a BCCSA-certified COR External Auditor.

Dario created Interior Safety Network Limited out of the need for a professional approach to industry inquiries for solutions related to safety consulting, workplace incident investigations management, and customized safety program development and training.

Interior Safety Network Limited specializes in helping small and medium-sized construction companies manage their health and safety programs. We upgrade safety programs, develop safety procedures and practices, and assist companies in achieving the COR Certificate.

We also assist companies in complying with the WorkSafeBC non-compliance orders.

Interior Safety Network makes your safety programs simple, compliant with OHS regulations, and easy to implement in the field.

Additionally, over 500 online industry-recognized and accredited safety courses are offered for our clients and the public.

Please check Dario’s LinkedIn profile for more information about his education, training, and achievements.


Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our company consulting and safety training services:

Working with Interior Safety Network was the best choice we could have made to raise the bar for health and safety on our job sites and throughout the company. Interior Safety Network’s knowledge and professionalism paid immediate dividends helping management and employees embrace a superior level of confidence in safety and culture throughout the company. Without hesitation, I would recommend their services to help educate and implement a safety culture in your business.

Matt McCurrach
Homex Development Corporation

I chose Interior Safety Network to set up our company safety program because I found them respectful, attentive and very easy to work with to resolve issues. They’re always checking to see how things are going, which is great for me as I’m busy.

Mark Neilly
Straight Line Contracting