Company Safety Consulting Services

Keep Your Workplace Accident-Free

Making workplace safety a priority is essential for protecting your employees.

With the right planning and training, you can circumvent injuries to your employees, prevent dangerous workplace activities, and prepare your team with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure your workplace is accident-free.

Implementing changes to improve your safety program not only reduces the risk, but it also improves turnover, increases productivity and quality, and decreases Workers’ Compensation costs. Interior Safety Network provides support through a 4-pronged approach:

Onsite Safety Training

For companies who need onsite support for their safety program, we offer Onsite Safety Training.

This includes monitoring workplace activities to ensure workers are truly complying with your companies’ policies and WorkSafeBC.

Depending on your company’s needs, we can help develop safety policies, perform workplace inspections, investigate incidents, implement safety training and ensure compliance with WorkSafe BC.

Health & Safety Inspections

Effective Health and Safety Site Inspections are one of the most important incidents/accident prevention tools in a company’s health and safety program.

Inspections reveal the current state of your workplace, help identify hazards, and prevent unsafe working conditions from developing.

We’ll walk through your facility to evaluate overall safety conditions and identify L&I citations, workplace hazards, and opportunities for improving your health and safety program. With the walkthrough completed, we’ll create an inspection report of our findings that include recommendations for improvement.

Safety Program Review

This proactive approach assists in reducing injuries by taking a closer look at your company’s health and safety objectives, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the program, determining if your policies and procedures comply, and defines areas in need of improvement.

We’ll review your organization’s safety manual, and documented policies and procedures to ensure you’re up to date with the latest regulations. Once completed, we’ll provide our recommendations to your team.

Safety Program Development

Your companies plan to prevent accidents, illness and injuries on the job must be tailored to the needs of your workplace and operations.

At Interior Safety Network, we help companies create an effective safety program that covers the unique needs of your business, which includes required policies and procedures and ensures your organization complies with WorkSafeBC. We provide the development of a companies COR/SECOR programs.

Respirator Fit Test

If your employees use a respirator in the workplace, they must be fit tested before using it for the first time and re-tested once each year to ensure the respirator still fits correctly.

We offer Respirator Fit Testing, using a pass/fail test method to detect leakage into the respirator facepiece. We can test your employees onsite at your location or in our Kamloops facility.

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Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our company consulting and safety training services:

I chose Interior Safety Network to set up our company safety program because I found them respectful, attentive and very easy to work with to resolve issues. They’re always checking to see how things are going, which is great for me as I’m busy.

Mark Neilly - Straight Line Contracting