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“ Focusing on safety won’t make your crew look down on you. Falling will. Speak up for safety.”

WorkSafeBC stats show 17 % of all claims are due to falls; 25 % of serious injuries are due to falls, and 29% of claims costs are due to falls.


The following are steps construction employers need to take to protect workers from falling from heights.

  1. Have a Fall Protection Program in place.
  2. Provide employees with adequate fall protection training that covers use, maintenance and inspection of equipment.
  3. Provide employees with a fall protection system that is practicable.
  4. Have a written Fall Protection Plan in place.

Having a fall protection plan in place is vitally important to ensuring worker safety. A written fall protection plan is required by regulation when working over 25 ft. If your company typically performs work over 25ft and doesn’t currently have a Fall Protection Program in place, Interior Safety Network can assist you in creating a plan that works for your company and protects your employees. Reach out today!

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